Food / Drinks

The situation around COVID19 means that during the summer season 2021 we are forced to make changes to our routines and what products we have can offer. Its difficult to predict how the infection will be this winter, so we have to adapt our product trough-out the winter. This page will be updated at all times with measures and more information about COVID19 and changes to our product. For quick navigation click on the quick links below for the topic you want to read more about.

Food service in the summer of 2021. (July-September)

During normal operation, both dinner and breakfast are served as a buffet at Haugastøl. In the summer of 2020, we did not have breakfast service, and served a simple dinner rather than our normal 2 course dinner.

For the summer of 2021, we return to the 2 course dinner, but with an even stronger focus on cleanliness and distance.

To prevent food waste, all meals (except stone-baked pizza) must be pre-ordered at least two days before arrival at Haugastøl. Due to less capacity in the restaurant, we recommend booking a place for dinner well in advance. (if we are fully booked in the restaurant, you will have to cook your own food in the apartment, or buy stone-baked pizza to eat in the apartment.)

What are the changes?


BrodMany hotels serve breakfast packed in a bag delivered to the room instead of the regular breakfast buffet. Our feeling is that this greatly limits the selection of the guest, and the food waste is huge. Most guests want to pack sandwiches for lunch. Some eat 2 sandwiches and some eat 10. Since all our apartments have fully equipped kitchens we have taken away the option to book breakfast, and the guest can make their own choices for what to make for breakfast. The freedom of choice is greater and the price lower!

To make it easy for guests, we have set up our own (temporary) breakfast shop in our coffee bar with a selection of (local) cheeses, cold cuts, homemade jams and drinks. Of course, we have fresh bread and pastries every morning. The coffee machine is on all day, so a Cappuccino with coffee from Tim Wendelboe is also available! We work to keep prices in the breakfast shop as low as possible. Of course, it is also possible to bring your own food as well.


Dinners will be served as normal, but with a very limited capacity in order to keep distance. Please prebook dinner when you book your apartment to be sure to get your place for dinner.

Can I make my own meals?

YES! All apartments have fully equipped kitchens, so you can buy everything you need to prepare your own meals before arrival in Haugastøl. Please note that the nearest grocery store is at Ustaoset 13km away. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch,.

Other hotels is serving breakfast like normal, why cant you?

We could for sure do it, but the we strongly believe that its impossible to offer a breakfast product that has value for money, is safe for the guest and is time efficient for the guest. Most of our guests are going out doing activities and taking the train at the same time. In order to keep sufficient distance and enable good cleaning, we need 3-4 hours of breakfast service. This means that we have to give guests breakfast times that they (probably) do not want. (forced breakfast time at 06:00 or 10:00 would not work for most of our guests).

If the COVID situation changes drastically for the better during the summer we will bring back the breakfast buffet.