Snow Rallarvegen


Rallarvegen report 11. August 2023

We are getting a lot of questions in regards to the "Hans" storm that hit eastern Norway a few days ago. Apart from some rain we did not have storm on the Rallarvegen. The road is in the same condition as before the storm. Only issue is that the trains are not running between Oslo and Geilo. (there is a bus service on this section). So please check your train itinerary the next few days to be sure that the trains you rely on are running. (or rebook to the ones that are going).


No snow, and great conditions for all cyclists.


All the snow has melted, and the route is open for all cyclists. As always we dont recommend young children to ride the part from Finse-Flåm (read more on the about Rallarvegen page).

There are several places where the road is washed out, so please ride very carefully around corners as the big parts of the road might be missing. There is work in progress to fix these parts, so please take care when you are passing the machines working.


Ready for cycling. There are, as always, some sections that are steep and rocky, so we recommend keeping the speed low.


Good conditions for biking. There are steep sections, so please keep the speed very low and walk on the steepest parts if you are inexperienced.

As always, there is oncoming traffic, so keep your speed low and stay on the right side of the road.


Our bike rental in Flåm is open daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Haugastøl is open daily from 08.00-18.00, and Finse from 08.00-13.00.

To book your rental bike with pickup in Haugastøl or Finse click here

Additional information:

We strongly encourage you to consider the environment during your bike ride. You will be passing through a protected area with abundant wildlife and cultural heritage sites. Whatever you bring with you on the journey, you should also take back with you. If you plan to camp along the way, please be mindful of the nature, wildlife, and cabins.

Rallarvegen is largely unsecured, and there are steep drops at times. Keep your pace slow and be observant. Take your time and enjoy everything along the way.